Engaging Toddler Activities: 5 Ways to Keep Your Toddler Busy

Once your child reaches the 18-24 month age range, their boundless curiosity and energy can lead them into all sorts of explorations, from kitchen cupboard raids to stair-climbing adventures. In this pivotal stage, it’s essential to channel their enthusiasm into safe and meaningful activities. Here, we’ve compiled five enjoyable and educational activities to keep your toddler engaged and content.

1. Ignite Interest with Picture Books

Picture books are valuable tools for a toddler’s learning journey. They come in various themes and ideas, making it easy to introduce your child to new words and concepts. Whether it’s identifying shapes or exploring everyday objects, picture books offer an engaging way to expand their knowledge.

2. Develop Curiosity with Wooden Toys

Montessori education encourages the use of wooden toys due to their safety and durability. Look for wooden toys that introduce geometric concepts and patterns, or opt for a wooden xylophone to stimulate your child’s cognitive development through music.

3. Stimulate Creativity with Art

Your toddler is already capable of creating art, so provide them with non-toxic and washable art supplies to express themselves. From freeform drawings to DIY jewelry made from their artwork, this is a great opportunity to encourage their creativity.

4. Promote Fine Motor Skills with Play

Don’t wait until preschool to focus on fine motor skills. Simple activities like the insert pipe game, using a cardboard box and pipe cleaners, can help your child develop essential skills without the need for expensive toys.

5. Explore Sensory Capabilities with Experiments

Experiments can be incredibly fun for your toddler. Try activities like the bubble fun experiment, where you create colorful bubbles, or the pancake experiment to introduce concepts like color, texture, taste, and flavor.

Enjoy every moment of your parenting journey with these toddler activities, and make the toddler stage both entertaining and educational for your child.

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